How to Activate and Deactivate Adobe Products (1800-875-393)

The Adobe Acrobat is a very efficient and useful form of multi-media tool. In the modern time, users are supposed to gain complete knowledge about relevant factor.


• The user is supposed to connect their computer to internet.

• Now the user should launch the application.

• Choose Help > and Deactivate the previous version.

•  In the last stage, user is supposed to select appropriate version of deactivating or suspending   activation.

Now through these options software is deactivated but relevant form of license is retained onto the computer system.  The following of above-mentioned steps is a perfect guarantee of making sure that Adobe Acrobat is transferred from one computer to the new computer. If you face any technical issues during in transfer Adobe CC or CS6 you can take help of Adobe Support Number @ 1800-875-393 (Toll-Free) in  Australia to get instant support.