How trustworthy is AVG Antivirus?

Yes, of course you can trust AVG antivirus as this is not only the oldest antivirus protection but it also provides strong and simple malware protection.


AVG stands for Anti-Virus Guard and the name itself suggest its capabilities. The software offers multiple features such as Firewall, Multi device protection for PC, Mac and android, anti theft tool and many more. The control panel of the software is extremely easy to use. Although it is not the fastest antivirus but its impact on the computer screen is minimal.


• High protection rating

• Free version is also powerful

• Almost no false positive


• Hampers your computer performance

This software is full of advanced features and security tools but still there are times when people face issue with it like error codes, installation or update issue, conflict with other software and many more. These issues are not fault of the company or the software; such issues are common with any antivirus. But to fix them you can anytime call on AVG Customer Care Number @ 1-800-875-393  (Toll-Free) in Australia and free yourself from all complications.